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Currently I am shipping with UPS ; Delta Cargo and for some orders South West Cargo

Shipping UPS:

Next Day Air is the best choice for getting fish delivered to you alive and well. 

Shipping costs are based on your ship to location, size and weight of package. .  

Please  contact me before placing an order to request shipping options and cost. 

Shipping costs do include cost of box and heat packs when needed.

Minimum Order Purchase for shipping with UPS: $50.00

Shipping Delta or Southwest Cargo

These options are for larger orders and require customer pickup at the airport of Destination.

Minimum Order Purchase for Airport Cargo Shipping: $200.00.


Loss of fish during shipping has been rare for me, I pack them well and have a success rate of over 99%

However, in the rare case that there is a loss of fish during shipping, the following applies:

Pictures of any dead fish on arrival must be taken and sent to me within 2 hours of their delivery. 

Credit for cost of fish will be applied to your next order. At times I do provide a monetary refund for fish lost, 

but that is at my discretion. 

Shipping cost will not be refunded. Any loss of fish due to delays of carrier will not be given credit.

However, I have experienced a very small percentage of delays with the carriers I use.


Currently I do not have a facility to take visitors. However, I understand that seeing the fish you would like to 

purchase means a lot. I am currently working on providing more pictures and videos of the actual fish for sale.

I do however, meet customers at a nearby location for local pickup of their orders. 

Minimum Order Purchase for Local Pickup: $50.00

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